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Valet is a luxury service available for special events, private parties, weddings and more. Let your guest experience the convenience of front row parking as well as an extraordinary event. Landing Management has the expertise and resources to effectively and efficiently give your event the taste and look you require. We conduct a rigorous evaluation to determine your exact need in order to provide the best solution.


Functional Kitchen with a $100 refund after cleanup.


A functional kitchen designed and equipped to satisfy your catering needs. Desired features include an open floor plan with space for multiple people to prepare food comfortably at the same time on the stainless steel prep table. Convection for quicker more efficient cooking. Warming drawers to keep food hot. Three compartment sink for washing food and dishes conveniently. Ample cutlery organizers so all gadgets and gizmos are easy to find and within reach. Ice machine, refrigerator, cooler, and freezer to keep food cool.

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